The Goats of Christmas Past

You don’t often hear of the Goats of Christmas Past. More often, one hears of the Ghost of Christmas Past. Whatever that is supposed to mean. But since that is not real, and since the goats of Christmas past, were, at least, at one time real, I thought I would head that direction instead, since I have photographic evidence of that.

There’s really not much to say in those post, but I have many more coming down the pike. I was just out milking and the title popped in my head and so I thought I’d go with the title and see what happened. Not much did, so I guess you’ll just have to enjoy some pictures of the Goats of Christmas Past. πŸ™‚


Hazel, 2008


Caramel, 2008


I think this is Molasses, born 2009, I believe it was one of Hazel’s twins. Beautiful shiny coat on that boy


This is Hickory. He was the dad. I got him in 2009 and he did a fine job of being a dad. He was also an incredible escape artist.


009 - Copy
This is Caramel, early summer 2010, having just kidded for the second time. She had Rocky Road, on the left, and Ginger, on the right.


This was Pepita. A more darling, sweet, friendly goat there has never been. I think she was from Nutmeg’s second kidding, in 2010. She was super friendly and early on, learned to take a running jump and land up on my shoulders when I crouched down. Pepita means little nugget in Spanish, because she was so little when she was born. I kinda miss this little goat


After getting rid of these goats because of a foolish notion to pursue other things, I later got some more goats in late 2011, they kidded in 2012 and I was back to milking again. This bunch was also Nubians.

I think this is Catherine, just after kidding, grazing in the rich spring grass with her babies! Early 2012


Catherine was always such a ham for the camera. She is in the middle. To the right is Rosemary, to the left is I think Sarah, I don’t remember which goat kidded her. In the back is Shilling.


This is another really sweet picture of Sarah, one of the kids from 2012.


I ended up getting rid of these goats in early 2014, as a result of further life chaos. Then I was goat-less for quite a while, as I traveled and did other random things like climbing mountains and jumping off cliffs with my friends.


I got goats again from an old friend in later 2016, and there are pictures of them somewhere, just not sure exactly where at the moment. I didn’t have them for very long before I realized I was in over my head with many other things going on, and so got rid of them as well.


As many of you know, I then abandoned the US for a very enjoyable stint in Europe, came back, met a beautiful girl, married her, and got goats again. For the first time since 2008, back when I first got goats and wanted to milk them and sell the milk, I’m finally not losing money on the whole venture anymore. Which is exciting. But in order to see them, you will have to either come to the farm or wait for the next post, which, obviously, would be, The Goats of Christmas Present. πŸ™‚



9 thoughts on “The Goats of Christmas Past

  1. Love your goat pictures! Can’t wait to see your new ones!

  2. How great to see your goats again (photographically)!! Especially Hickory; I really liked him. I don’t know why; maybe I’m just sentimental. He truly was a Houdini!! Thank you for this little trip down memory lane!

  3. I will be anxious to see the Goats of Christmas present!! I loved all photos of Christmas past! they were darling! I love goats… but because they were superb escape artists… I had to get rid of my goats… My dad vowed he wouldn’t go into town and retrieve them again!! But I had a sweet little Billy (they were miniature goats) called Rufus… and he loved to hop on my lap for a good rub. I would love to get goats again…but you know life happens and things get put off! πŸ™‚ thanks for the post… it’s been awhile since I’ve heard from you, and have wondered how you’ve been! Hello to your sweet wife!

    1. Great stories, Carolyn! Hope you are well! We are fine, just busy and getting adjusted to married life. πŸ™‚

  4. I enjoyed reading this adventure. Please keep posting when you can. Your pictures are lovely. Goats are a favorite animal of mine; they have a unique sense of humor. Be well and happy, Linda

  5. Love love love LOVE!!! I want to see the Goats of Christmas Present! I’m glad you have goats again!
    “The Ghosts of Christmas” Past, Present, and Yet-To-Come are from Charles’ Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol.” Highly recommended and not-too-long read! πŸ˜€

    1. Oh I know about the Christmas Carol, how do you think I came up with the Goats? πŸ™‚

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