One Year Ago…

The day before, (August 18th) I had been at a friends’ wedding. Although I was glad that they were getting married, and happy for them and all that stuff, each time I was at a wedding and watching others commit their lives to each other, I felt rather sad and empty and wondering.


Up til then, not very many girls had shown any inclination to commit themselves to me.


After the wedding, I went around and ate food and talked to people, generally complaining and in particular griping to one or two in particular about my miserably single lot in life.


I was contemplating being snarky instead of nice from now on. Perhaps that would get me a wife.


This is not to say that I was not fairly content and at peace with where I was at in that point of my life. I knew that God saw where I was and had decided to, as yet, leave me there.


Mostly I was.


It was just times like these that brought back the painfully apparent truth that I was seemingly an undesirable bachelor.


At any rate, I did the people and food thing for awhile, then headed back home to my lonely abode, to dwell on my apparent single future.


The next morning (August 19th) I went to church like the good dutiful person I was, and, since there were extra guests because of the wedding the day before, I stayed for the potluck afterwards.


I mean, who wouldn’t? Bachelor+Food in sight=single man staying to eat said food in sight.


So I got in line, got my food, and sat down to consume said food.


Unfortunately, I must in all truth add that I was still not in a particularly commodious frame of mind, and, abnormally for me, I chose a random seat, mostly so I would not have to talk much with anybody. Others surrounded me, but I remained as aloof as I was able.


After all, I was a bachelor.


Aloofness is what bachelors do. Of course, they are usually surreptitiously surveying any single girls that might happen to be around while outwardly appearing aloof.


I was about halfway done with my plate of food when my phone started vibrating.


It was approximately 12:30pm on a Sunday afternoon. Who would be calling at this time?


I pulled it out. It was my cousin Theresa.


My forehead wrinkled a bit. Why would she be calling, for one thing, and why right after church?


Theresa never called me. We texted sometimes, and sometimes I would go down and visit her and her husband and four lively little kids, where I would eat their food and complain about being single, but we never talked on the phone.


Naturally my first instinct was to worry that something was wrong. So I stepped outside and answered the phone.


“Everything ok?” I asked.


“Well,” she said, “I think so. Do you have a minute?”


“Yeah,” I replied, wondering what was going on.


“Well,” she said, “I was sitting in church this morning had a divine thought, I believe. I think it was God who put it in my mind.”




“I thought, ‘What about Anna?’” she said, kind of chuckling.


I was non-plussed.


What about Anna?


I waited to hear what she would say next.


She proceeded to tell me that Anna was her husband’s younger sister, who was, incidentally, also very single.


She thought we had a lot of the same interests and that we might get along well together.


In essence, my cousin was attempting to set me up.


Not that I was any stranger to being set up. This would be the fourth time this summer, not counting the ones I had tried to set up for myself.


It’s hardly worth saying that of course none of those set ups had even remotely worked.


“Are you interested?” Theresa asked.


I shrugged my shoulders, even though she couldn’t see me do it. I felt a little bit done with girls at the moment, but I wasn’t dating anyone else, so… “Why not?” I replied. “Can’t hurt to try.”


She was delighted. “I’ll text you her number and then you can decide how you want to go from there.”


“Ok,” I said. “Thank you for calling, and thanks for thinking of me!”


I went back inside, somewhat eager to go home and think about this and maybe even text this girl, who,
before today, I was not even aware existed.


I finished my food quickly and left soon after.


Upon arriving home, I made myself comfortable in my garage, where I was living at the time, and looked at my phone with the number Theresa had texted me.


I was somewhat disillusioned, somewhat intrigued, somewhat fearful.


Then I shrugged my shoulders. It
wouldn’t be the first time I had stuck my nose out there.


The worst thing that could happen is it would get bit off, which would also not be the first time. This is why my nose is neither long nor pointy.


Not willing to let myself get too involved or interested, even though Theresa insisted that we had a lot in common with simple living/herbs/farming all that kind of thing, I decided to let my humorous nonchalant side come through, and sent her this text (the first of many…that day alone we texted til
nearly 9:30) at approximately 2:15pm August 19th, 2018.


“So my dear cousin Theresa is trying to set me up. :)”


A minute later came the historic first response from the sweet young lady who would, just under five months later, become my wife:


“Same here. :)”


But that was on the 19th, just over a year ago.


It took until the 23rd, which is a year ago today, for us to meet in person.


Which we did on the beach.


I brought Domino’s pizza and DQ chocolate milkshakes.


I was nervous and she was beautiful.


She still is.


But we don’t eat Domino’s anymore.


That’s because my beautiful wife whom I met in person a year ago today makes far better pizza. 🙂


I love you Annalise!!


7 thoughts on “One Year Ago…

  1. What a great anniversary to celebrate! Loved your remembrance’s! Brings back memories of my own experience of meeting the man I married and similar experience of 5 months courting before wedding. Such a joy to see you both so happy! I love you both! God’s continued blessings! Sherda

  2. Congratulations on this “anniversary” yesterday! I love your writing (as you know) and giggled all the way through this one, grateful to God all over again for what He has done so swiftly and beautifully. Much love to you both! – Grandma

  3. I loved reading this! 😁

  4. Love this 🙂

  5. Hello Timothy and Annalisa… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!! I though of you just recently… wondering how you were doing! Glad to hear from you…via blog post! All is well with me… and I wish you a whole lifetime of Happy Anniversaries!! God Bless you richly!! Carolyn

  6. Dawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!! ❤

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