Or, in the words of the oft-repeated priest who was trying so hard to be impressive, “Mawwiage”.


Either way, I am referring to that truly most sacred union between a man and a woman, joined together by God in the sight of many witnesses.


About 215 people witnessed our vows on a lovely sunny day in the middle of January, given in a little yellow church out in the country. It was a perfect day, and I am still overwhelmed by all the goodness the Lord showered on this undeserving son that afternoon.


We were honored to have friends and family travel many hours to be there…some from as far away as Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, but also from Arizona, California, Washington, and of course Oregon. To those of you who both follow the blog and were at the wedding, I still cannot tell you how much it meant to have you there!


I am sure many of you had given up hope, thinking I was indeed a confirmed, signed, sealed, certified, and currently practicing bachelor; indeed, that was my line of thought too.


But God had mercy on me, and with one well-timed phone call from my dear cousin Theresa, to whom I will be forever grateful, presented to me the most beautiful and perfect girl in the world; and in the following months also succeeded in wiping away previous heartache, which I also had thought was highly unlikely.


That “dweam wiffin a dweam”. Ah yes. My wife is a dream, the food I am now eating is a dream, the weight I have gained is a dream, the almost constant companionship is a dream, and apparently the dream continues on, man and wife.


It is a pleasure to have her at my side, to introduce her to others, to walk with her at the grocery store (except when we buy tomatoes), and it is a pleasure to serve her.


It is a pleasure and a constantly humbling honor to serve her, love her, care for her, and provide for her; and along the journey of the last 85 days of wedded bliss, I am beginning to learn a little more about the Lord, the God of heaven; about His Son Jesus, the head of the church; the sheer amount of love poured out upon us, love that led God in the form of man, to die in the place of us.


The Bible tells husbands (with whom I am now glad to be counted) to love our wives as Christ loved the church. In other words, we are to give ourselves for them, we are to die for them.


I have not literally had to do that yet, but there are other ways one can die; and in the doing thereof, I have been immeasurably blessed to gain a better grasp of just what Jesus did, the incredible sacrifice He gave.


It’s an amazing gift the Lord has bestowed upon me, and I will do my best, through Christ in me-the hope of glory-to continue to love her (and you, my witnesses, may hold me accountable if I do not) every day for the rest of our lives.


And yes, we will “tweasure our wuv”. 🙂





5 thoughts on “Marriage

  1. That was well written, Timothy! I’m so happy for you and Annalise. May the Lord bless your marriage!

  2. Timothy, congratulations! I’m so happy for you!

  3. Twue wuv….

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