Jed Goes to Sarande

If you don’t know where Sarande is, look it up on a map.


Of Albania.



Cause it’s a town in southern Albania.


Now this post is not going to be super complete or well done, and there are more pictures I want to add. But this is just a quickie.


The Bible school students and a lot of staff went to Sarande for the weekend last weekend.


Jed had fun climbing around old Roman ruins and old castles. So what follows is just a few pictures of last weekend.


8 thoughts on “Jed Goes to Sarande

  1. great pictures!! thanks for the update… and the pictures! Gives us a glimpse of your “world” right now!! take care!

  2. I finally got caught up on your blog!

    That is SO amazing to see with your eyes the land on which Paul lived!!

    Your letters between Bob and Martha are have quite the imagination!

    I’m sorry about the music..knowing how you are about it I’m sure it’s a really rough time until the “singing” part is over for services!:( That is sad that people shorten their “worship” times to around 20 minutes for just the music time. I liked reading what you looked up on the word worship. I’ll be praying for you in that area!

    The castle ruins look neat.:)

    Have a great night!

  3. Dear Timothy, Your pictures are absolutely fabulous!!! I am so glad you got to see all that! Thank you for sending such excellent pictures!! That way we have a small taste of what you experienced!! Wow!! Gratefully, Grandma

    1. Yup! I will try to do more soon. 🙂

  4. The mountains are beautiful there! The buildings and towns also look amazing. Thanks for sharing a glimpse of your experience.

    1. Thanks for looking at the glimpse. 🙂

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