Dear Bob

Dearest Bob,


After all the work I put into preparing them sandwiches I can’t believe you got them squashed and then confiscated by the bomb squad. What were you thinking? There wasn’t anything in them sandwiches except what I always regular put in them…your favorite rabbit steaks with mustard powder, some saltpeter and just a dite of glycerin to spice it up the way you like it.


Can’t see nothing in there that would make that crazy dog think there was bombs in it.


Things are good here, Bob, except we miss you. The baby has five teeth in now but she still don’t want nothing to eat except them pickled hog’s feet. Don’t understand why she is so het on them. But she’s growin so I recken them things is good for her.


Yes them boys has been working hard and they got that woodshed stuffed full. It was a big tree Bob. In order to get it all in the shed they had to take the roof plumb off of it but they got in all in, like I said.


They went fishing yesterday and they caught a big one. We had some of it for supper last night and then I sent the rest with the boys down to Great-Aunt Maria because she had sent word two days afore that, as how she was plumb out of fish steak and she needed some more.


It has been real pleasant weather here, Bob. It rained yesterday and the day before and the day before, but the day before that it only rained so it hasn’t been too bad. There is some mushrooms growin out of the wood in the woodshed so we cut them off and sold them in town and bought Ahijah some new school shoes. They is brown ones, that’s what he wanted. Says he don’t want to clean his shoes very often so the mud will blend in with the color on his shoes.


Well Bobby I can’t think of no more to say. The baby is crying and the pork on the stove has just burst into flame so I better get going. I will send this here letter tomorrow.

Youre lovin wife,



2 thoughts on “Dear Bob

  1. Dear Timothy, You did it again!!! You are amazing. Albania is certainly good for your creativity!!! We. had fun here today because Theresa brought all 4 of her children up for a visit. What fun! Your mother threatened to hide Tate so she could keep him. They are all cute, and good eaters. Love, gma

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