The Saw of the Chain in the Hand of the Man

And Timothy went out of his house, wherein he dwelt.


And he entered into his garage, where there was all manner of stuff. And his tools also lay therein, and were stored in the depths of the garage.


And he looked among his tools, and he found the saw of the chain, which verily was the tool which he sought.


And he took it, and filled it with gas and with oil, and pulled the cord thereon, so that the saw of the chain gave forth a mighty noise, and blue smoke came out of it, and the chain which rested on the bar thereof spun around in great haste.


And Timothy smiled and said in his heart, “Now are the trees of the forest in great danger, for, behold; the saw of the chain operateth, and the chain thereon moveth with speed, so that anything that it toucheth shall be cut, whether it be the bark of the tree or the boot of the man.”


And he took the saw of the chain, and walked down a little ways, where many trees of great height stood.


There were many trees in the forest, all of which was yet on his property, and he could not decide within himself which one first to remove from off its stump.


Then gave he the throttle of the saw of the chain a quick rev, and the saw made noise, and the gleam came into Timothy’s eyes, and a smile upon his mouth.


And he came near to a large tree and laid the saw of the chain upon it, and caused the saw to make much noise, and the chain wherewithal to ride quickly upon the bar thereof.


And the chain was sharp.


And it sank into the bark of the tree with haste, and went through the bark downward into the wood of the tree. And when it had cut a little ways, he pulled it out and thereupon started another cut and behold, he soon had a great wedge taken out of the trunk of the tree.


And he took the wedge, and cast it aside, so that it landed with a thump on the head of a mouse; and the mouse died.


And he revved the saw of the chain once more, and took firm hold of it therewith, and looked carefully at the tree.


And he determined wherewithal to cut, and he laid the chain upon the opposite side of the tree where the wedge had been taken out, and again made a deep slice in the wood of the tree.


And he watched the trunk of the tree with one eye, and with the other eye watched he the saw of the chain.


And the tree began to move, and to sway, and to tremble violently down to its roots.


Wherefore Timothy removed the saw of the chain, and took it out altogether, and stood back, and watched.


And the tree groaned within itself, and the wood creaked. And Timothy waited in suspense therein without using his lungs; and withholding his nostrils from taking in air.


The tree groaned again, and the wood cracked; the tree swayed, and leaned thereon toward where the wedge had been pulled out. And with a mighty rushing of leaves, as it had been a great storm, it groaned yet a third time, and leaned over, and snapped, and crashed unto the ground of the earth, making a large noise, and much dust and a large thump on the ground, making it tremble thereto.


And it landed on the ground, and lay still; and leaves fluttered onto the earth.


And Timothy grinned, and he smiled. And he pondered the tree on the ground, and the stump in the ground, and he said to himself, “How great and mighty a tree was felled by such a small saw of the chain! Truly a small thing may take down a great.”


And he turned himself, and cast his eyes to another tree standing by. Then gave he the throttle of the saw of the chain a quick rev, and the saw made noise….

2 thoughts on “The Saw of the Chain in the Hand of the Man

  1. One might get the impression that you enjoy cutting down trees!!! You do make me laugh! Trusting all will continue to go well for you! Love, gma

  2. FarmerBoy. YOU. ARE. HILARIOUS. I’m dying!!!!! How on earth you can make the simple cutting down of a tree so funny, I have no idea. I only know that I’ve rarely been so tickled in my entire life!
    P.S. Poor mouse. 😥 (By the way I left one or two comments on your HSA profile 😉 )

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