So Many Moons



*raises hand solemnly*


What are y’all up to these days? Post a comment below and let me know! If you are extra lucky, I will approve your comment. 🙂

You may ask, “What have YOU been up, you crazy gypsy you?”

I will tell you! *pauses*


“I don’t know.”


“But it is tradition!”


Ok, yeah….anyway. I really haven’t been up to much, but I am trying to do better on writing more blog posts, and I have lots in my head that I need to write, but haven’t yet. So you can look forward to those. But I felt like writing something tonight, so…yeah….something half-baked is exactly what everyone is getting tonight.


Let’s see…..I’ve been out of state a few times in the last couple months, also took a VERY random trip (which is my specialty) down to Powers Oregon the other day, just because Benjamin and I wanted to. So we did.

He’s a fantastic old boy and though his exhaust leak is louder than ever these days, he still gets me from point B to point L, and that is pretty much the main point.

My life right now is very much unsettled, it being spread in about five different places these days. Hopefully this too shall pass. If I do not, well….you may put some thorns (and maybe a few forlornly attached wilted rose petals) over my grave and Benjamin will be happy.

I’m still keeping busy hauling hay all over the place….mostly staying out of trouble…..attempting to grow vegetables and sell them at Newberg farmer’s market…..still not sure if that is going to work out or not, but hey it is a Good Experience and an Adventure which was embarked upon by a boy of Very Little Brain….and keeping busy with other various and sundry projects and plans.


Some things I have been thinking a lot about, and about which I will probably write more in the near future….about prayer. What it is, what it is not, how it should be done…..about words… much of them should be said, and in what manner they should be conveyed…..(such as when you find that your kale, lettuce, and mustard greens have been hacked in a manner unbecoming to them by a pleasant, sensitive, and previously untrained restaurant employee)….about how our thoughts should be, and who they should be on, encompassing also our goals and day’s activities…..and all of the above must needs be based on the Bible, which is very clear on some things, and not so clear on others.



Things that have been and continue to rescue and sustain my sanity in a very unsanitized world of my own making and decisions……art lessons…….trips, long and short, to places previously unexplored…….the loud noise emanating from the left side of the engine where it sounds like the exhaust manifold is disintegrating…….throaty chainsaws biting juicily into red ripe wood……and the never-ending amazement of God’s beautiful creation.


I see His handiwork in the views when I’m up in the mountains… the perfectly clean, shiny, invigorating glow of a healthy head of lettuce……in the rings and in the smell of a tree that has just been cut down… the flames of a hearty burn pile scorching leaves on other plants 20 feet away…..Ok, maybe not that so much, but anyway…..


I am going crazy!!! Want to come along? It’s just down the road and to the right. 🙂


If you have anything to say, say it now. In the comments section. That will make me happy.


I will post more posts, with pictures, in the future. Speaking of posts, have you been to Post, Oregon? You should…..


P.S. If you don’t know where Powers is, look it up on a map. A real one. With paper. It will help you to grasp how far we wandered when once we took it into our heads to wander.



5 thoughts on “So Many Moons

  1. Well… I am up to some crazy stuff I never thought I would be making.. But anyhow I’m trying all sorts of stuff like kombucha… Ya I’ve joined that bunch of craziess!!😁 and trying my hand at fermenting different things!! I’ll let u know how they turn out or u will find out how they turned out if ur putting roses on a mound of dirt!!!

  2. Thank you! Eager for what comes next!

  3. Hey, I am leaving a comment…in this comment section, just as you asked. 🙂 I’m looking forward to reading your thoughts on prayer when you get to it. It sounds like both of our vehicles are beginning to give out on us. :/ I had to walk home (thankfully it was just 3 1/2 miles) not that long ago because my car over heated and popped a tire. :/ Oh, it sure is a never ending amazing-ness exploring God’s creation! 🙂 When you said “I am going crazy!!! Want to come along? It’s just down the road and to the right!” I pictured Amos pointing to the left, haha. Have you played rummy since you left? The next time you come we’ll have to play a new game I got called aggravation. I read the mouse killing/burial story post aloud to everyone and we all had a good laugh!

  4. “Howdy Mr Timothy, fine mornin’ ain’t it?” Enjoying your blog this morning 😀. Thanks for brightening my day!

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