Get Wisdom; and with all thy getting, get Understanding

But of course, instead of getting wisdom, I’ll be losing it.

Ah, sad hour, wherein man’s strength and power is brutally yanked out of his very body.

In less than 12 hours, I will no longer be a whole man. Part of me will be missing.


A tooth.



A wisdom tooth.


You see, somehow in the course of the last couple months, one of my precious wisdom teeth got chipped. I still don’t know how it happened, and I hate and despise going to the dentist (although, yesiknowishouldbeverygratefulandhappywehavegooddentalcarehereintheunitedstates


BUT, after a couple months of pain, despair, and agony in me, I decided it would be best to enter one of those formidable edifices known as the dentist’s office and consequently be made devoid of part of my wisdom.

(I hope it is not the part of my wisdom that lets me know how to drive. Or write. Or anything else, for that matter)


Actually, do you really want to know why I’m jabbering on and on about getting a tooth yanked this afternoon?

It’s because I am actually scared stiff. Just like a teeny tiny wussy little kid, I am absolutely and completely literally turned all in knots about this and I really shouldn’t be because I’m a big strong guy that knows how to drive hay trucks off cliffs. And I can chase cows, and trim goat’s hooves, and climb mountains, and drive dirt bikes and four wheelers. But I’ve never had a tooth pulled before!


So, here I am, just about passing out from fear and awfulness, about this stupid tooth.


Yes, it’s official.


I am a wuss. A big one. But I can’t help it. I’M TERRIFIED!!!



If I make it through, I will let you know. If not, well…..


I would appreciate some flowers on my grave.

2 thoughts on “Get Wisdom; and with all thy getting, get Understanding

  1. Hahaha……. I’d probably be rather apprehensive too…. right now I’m freaking out about getting the corrective eye surgery done. Thankfully, much to the dentist’s dismay– I still have all my wisdom intact! They wanted to take them, but so far I’ve kept ’em! =)

    1. Good job on keeping all your teeth. 🙂

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