Pop Quiz


  1. Alfred is tired of rain in Oregon. Alfred will:

A. Buy a rain gauge

B. Sit in front of the window and count raindrops

C. Go on a trip

D. Go mudding in the coast range with Benjamin


2. Alfred is stressed from too many jobs to accomplish. Alfred is going to:

A. Get a nine to five office job in Portland and commute at rush hour every day

B. Hitchhike to the coast range and camp for a few days

C. Mourn over all the things that aren’t getting done

D. Eat chocolate

E. Go on a trip


3. Alfred has had too much on, off, and around his mind the last few months, and needs some relief. So, Alfred will:

A. Become an alcoholic

B. Go on a trip

C. Cut down a tree

D. Shoot an endangered Northern Spotted Owl

E. Empty his grandmother’s cookie jar


4. Alfred heard about a service project in another state. To get to the project, Alfred will:

A. Get in his mercury-powered glass air-egg and transport himself there

B. Send his little brother instead and sit at home sipping tea

C. Call in sick

D. Go on a trip


5. Alfred has not been east of the Blue Mountains in nearly three months. So, Alfred will:

A. Go on a trip

B. Close his eyes and pretend to be asleep

C. Study the globe

D. Get in Benjamin and drive toward the sunset


Alright; so, off hand, just to pass the time of day, what would you say Alfred is going to do on Saturday?

A. Nothing

B. Nothing

C. Go on a trip

D. Nothing


Right!! Good job. I’ll be gone for a month

2 thoughts on “Pop Quiz

  1. Your writing always makes me laugh!

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