General Life Happenings (and what became of it)

Now then, as you all probably know, I like to travel and do stuff and see stuff and all that kind of stuff that keeps life interesting. But this post really isn’t about all the traveling and stuff that I’ve done recently because I’m feeling a particular lack of inspirational blog-post-writing coming to my brain and I, so I’m just going to randomly write some stuff about the stuff that’s been going on. Haha.

Two weekends ago I traveled up to the Tri-Cities area for a weekend church event, which I greatly enjoyed and was edified by. I was going to drive up by myself, but got offered a ride by some other folks from church, so I rode up with them Friday afternoon/evening. Then Sunday night I rode back with another young couple and their very darling little baby boy who thankfully slept most of the trip. Because it is small joy to one when one is sitting beside a squalling young one, and one cannot rock it to sleep or cuddle it or anything because it doesn’t want YOU, it wants its mommy. Normally I am pretty good at taking care of little ones, but this one was a little harder because you couldn’t exactly rock it, or walk around and stuff like that. 🙂 In short, it was a good ride. 🙂 And I enjoyed watching the sun go down.

And I really enjoyed the drive up and down the gorge, it is always so beautiful and it’s amazing to me, all the rocky outcroppings and cliffs and the rugged scenery that is all around here.

It was great to catch up with folks I’d met before, and get to visit with them and know them better, I stayed with a family I hadn’t met before so it was fun to get to know them, and another family from my district was also staying at the same place, so that was fun too.

The meetings were good and the messages were good and the food was good 😉 and I enjoyed being with everybody, and meeting new folks and I really REALLY enjoyed all the singing. It’s one of the things I particularly like about this church group. The singing is beautiful. I recorded a few of them on my phone, and it’s not that great, but I hope you enjoy it. It beats instrumental music/singing all to pieces, although it sounds way better in person than how my phone picked it up. Anyway, I’m going to try to insert a couple clips of the weekend singing and I hope you can hear it!

(OK people: update here….apparently I can’t insert audio clips, probably I’d have to have a fancier plan. either that or I am not as intelligent as wordpress. 😛 So, if you would like to hear them, let me know and I will try to email them to you.)

Other than that, I’ve been extreeeemely bisy backson. (bonus points if you know where that bisy backson part came from. You might even win a free, pre-sharpened, authentic made-in-China pencil that the lead will break on every time you try to sharpen the crazy thing.)

I’m in the process of moving (again) and trying to settle down (again) and so that is taking a lot of my time but overall I am enjoying it. And since I am moving in next door to my grandparents, I now have three meals a day, wonder of wonders, miracle of miracles…..ok, yeah, I’m apparently really tired and I still have a day of work ahead. *eyes roll around in head aimlessly, one pops out and…..

Anyway, the food thing is incredible and amazing, especially since my grandma is an extreeeeemely good cook. I’ve probably gained ten pounds in the less than two weeks I’ve been here. Pictures will be forthcoming of the work I am doing here on their ten acres, I’ve taken before pictures and soon I might be able to take some after pictures and y’all can see how hard I’ve been slaving. haha. 🙂

This was a really badly written post so I apologize for that, next time will be better. (I hope)

Don’t forget to comment and tell me what you think!

6 thoughts on “General Life Happenings (and what became of it)

  1. If only they knew how hard you have been working!!!!!

  2. Cari (the writing maiden) November 15, 2015 — 7:55 AM

    That’s really generous of your grandparents to let you come and do all their work!! I mean, live in their cottage. Haha. But really, having grandparents that are that generous (as I have also) is such a blessing, and I think a lot of young adults just starting out don’t have that.

    1. I know, they’re very generous. 😛 haha

  3. Sounds like a fun time!! Wait, you left your little house that you built?! All alone and lonely? Good deal on the new one though it sounds like, with the three meals a day!

    1. Haha yes it is a great deal now! 🙂
      Yes my poor little house sits abandoned in the lonely hills of the coast range. 🙂 Not sure what I’m going to do with it…

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