Tell Me Again….

Why did I sign up for this job???


Yup, all that dark stuff on my red t-shirt? Sweat. All that brown stuff you see on my arms and on my jeans? Dirt.

This is what happens when one digs potatoes all day in 90 degree Indiana humid summer heat.


Fun, fun, fun.


Gotta love the farmin’ life, eh?


4 thoughts on “Tell Me Again….

  1. Thank you for your post!!!!! It is good to hear from you!!! Yes, you look like a filthy potato farmer! It is very kind of you to send out a picture! Sweat and dirt, yes indeed!

  2. Still like Indiana???

  3. Have fun playing in the dirt Bro.

  4. Thank God for potato farmers . . . life would not be the same with out potatoes – and even more so, the farmers that grow them!

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