It’s Tundering!!!!

It’s tundering and yightning!!! Oh my goodness, so it is!

Two year old Isaiah does not like the thunder and lightning. Scares him all to pieces, poor little guy. At supper the other evening, it was rumbling a bit, and he says, “It’s tundering!!”

That rather amused me, the way little kids say things. 🙂

But really, thunder and lightning in Indiana and thunder and lightning in Oregon are two entirely different things.

That stuff you all get out West? Sparks and pops, my dear, sparks and pops. Nothing more. A few blinks, a few weak rumbles, and it’s over.

That ain’t nothin’ out here. I’ve experienced some truly awesome thunderstorms since I’ve been here. They happen pretty frequently out here, and can last for hours.

I can hardly begin to describe it; and to describe the fascination and awe I feel when I stand at my bedroom window in the middle of the night, watching and listening to the storm, being amazed at the might and power that is displayed, the show of who God is and what He can do. It is only by His mercies we are not consumed all the day long for our sins!!

It’s Rumble, rumble, rumble —-FLASH!    Rumble, Mutter, Boom —- CRACKLE!!

This is serious stuff, folks. The thunder rolls, crashes, explodes, growls, and pounds. It shakes the house and rattles the windows, dumps rain, rips branches off trees. Cloud-shredding thunder, sometimes it cracks and breaks so loud, right over the house, it makes your bed vibrate. It’s just plain awesome. On and on it goes. Dies away sometimes, drifts into silence for a few minutes while the lightning comes on strong and lights up the room like a ball field at 10 PM, for just a split second. Suddenly thunder comes back strong, sounding like it’s just throwing bowling balls on concrete, ripping up clouds into little tiny pieces, by the sound of it. Cracking, Smashing, Exploding!

Lightning flashes on and off, on and on and on. A million times brighter than those puny little strobe lights you get at 4th of July, the white light illuminates the entire area; shop and gardens and puddles on the driveway. For a second, or maybe two, if you aren’t momentarily blinded by the brightness of it, you can see everything as clearly as at noon, almost brighter. And it flashes. When it comes on many miles away, it looks like bombs exploding in an old war movie, right on the horizon. Except for it being the middle of the night, I could stand there and stare all night, then fall into bed in the morning, half blinded by the brilliant display. Most incredible, huge displays of lightning I’ve ever seen.


It’s amazing! And you ain’t seen tunder and yightning till you’ve come East. 🙂

7 thoughts on “It’s Tundering!!!!

  1. Please leave the tunder and yightning over there when you come back!! I’m with the two year old on this one… Eastern storms are downright frightening, and I don’t miss them one tiny bit. Do they get tornadoes in IN? I don’t miss those either.

  2. Huh. Girls.

  3. Please bring a bunch of tunder and yightning and drop it RIGHT over Sheridan!
    Tex Smith; Oregon’s own weather terrorizer.

    1. Hahahaha!!! Oh that ain’t nice at all! 😉

      1. Hahahahaha……. So what?

  4. Your great-grandfather Wright would be delighted to know that you have finally gotten to experience a REAL thunderstorm. Correction: he would be thrilled!

  5. Reminds me of a song . . . . Indescribable by Chris Tomlin.

    The thunder & lightning storms sure are impressive in the mid west . . . remember to stay Safe!

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