Long Time No Hear From…

Well I’ve been busy out here in Indiana, but the reason I’ve not been updating more regularly was the fact that I was thinking I would only update when I did something interesting/out of the ordinary.

However, I one day suddenly realized that nobody knows what I’m doing out here, so I could do something totally normal and write it down and have it be at least somewhat interesting to you all. Which is why you followed my blog….you wanted to know what I was doing regularly. SO. I shall try to udate somewhat more regularly, on all the things that I do, and hopefully they will prove of interest to you.

This will be just a short one, a notice of sorts that I will be doing more shortly, hopefully with photographs, as that makes a post more interesting.

One thing I am glad about is that the snow is gone. Although enjoyable, to a certain extent, twas not exactly welcome at this time of year, and I am happy to report that it is melted and we have got a fair amount of tilling and out door planting completed thus far.
I have been busy transplanting kolhrabi seedlings, cabbage seedlings, onion sets, salad mix seedlings, and many other things.
Inside the greenhouse on some of the more inclement days, like it has been most of this week, we’ve been busy planting tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, basil, and beans. Also trellising pole beans, cucumbers, and staking tomatoes. They are growing like crazy and some already have green tomatoes on them!

I’ve made some new signs for some of the vegetables in the store, I will try to post pictures of a few of them because I had fun making some of them. 🙂

Right now it’s Saturday, one of my days off. For your information, I had a piece of bread with peanut butter and honey (yep, you guessed it), and a bowl of REALLY GOOD GRANOLA with REALLY GOOD raw goat milk. In other words, I dined like a king as I followed the adventures of Joshua and the children of Israel in the Bible this morning.

On a funny note, the childrens’ grandfather on their mother’s side had knee surgery. Apparently at some time recently he showed them the scar. Thus when I came in from work yesterday, I was shown with excitement “scars” “stitches”, and suchlike that had appeared, thanks to felt pens, on the legs of several of the younger children. The cuts were of prodigious length and the stitches enormous. I’m thinking it must have been a doctor used to stitching up elephants or dinosaurs who operated on the children, by the size of them. 🙂
And for knee surgery, the cuts were certainly long enough. All the way from the ankle to the bottom of the knee….sometimes additional cuts and stitches appeared on arms as well.

Some car crash they must have been in.

Well, that’s about it from this edge of the continent at this point…I have more stuff to share, and probably some pictures as well, so stay tuned for the more regular updates from the Grounded Gypsy.

Also note that I finally thought of a much more clever and suitable name for my blog. It seems that the clever names always come AFTER one has already made the blog. Oh well.

Welcome to Indian Summer, the adventures of a Farmer with Gypsy Bloodlines, stranded in rural Indiana for the next several months!!!

4 thoughts on “Long Time No Hear From…

  1. Aw, I liked the “Gypsy Foot” name! Oh well, I’ll get used to ‘ze new title in time.

    Once the stitches have disappeared off the kids, someone should teach them how to make fake blood. ^_^ That’s a fun prank to pull on folks, and imagine how much fun the kids would have!! LOL. Uh – not that I’ve done it though… To unsuspecting paramedic SIL’s… *innocent look*

  2. Thank you very much for telling us what is going on with you. Keep up the good work!

  3. Everything you write is interesting and out of the ordinary to us followers of “The Grounded Gypsy.”
    We love hearing what & how your doing!
    PS Check your email as you have several other friends who would like you to send them an invitation to this blog. 🙂

  4. You weren’t in the “crash” I take it? Or maybe you just didn’t have the same doctor as they did? Ha, Ha! Poor grounded Gypsy!

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