My New Stomping Grounds

This post is going to be a very boring post for you, I’m afraid. Hopefully there will be more interesting posts in the future, but you never know with the Gypsy Farmer. He might just decide to make boring posts all the time. But anyway, I thought this time around I’d show a couple pictures of what my new stomping grounds are composed of. 

Below is the picture of the house I am living in. You can see the stone foundation if you look closely. It is a very neat house, big tall windows that reach almost to the floor, and ten foot ceilings. I don’t know yet the exact date it was built, but I think somewhere in the mid 1800’s.



This picture shows my commute from the house to the greenhouse. A nice short commute, no traffic, level roads, and free parking. The building to the far right is the farm store and storage area.IMG_1112[1]

This is a picture of the inside of one of the big greenhouses. I just love the long neat rows of vegetables (here it happens to be mostly salad stuff), and it’s so nice and warm! And when the wind blows and the rain pours, I don’t get wet or cold. Haha. Methinks this is going to be a key thing to insert on my farm someday. The next picture below shows the inside of the lower greenhouse, which is where a lot of the plants are started. It is also heated.  IMG_1110[1] IMG_1111[1] IMG_1109[1]This last picture just shows the three greenhouses. There’s not much out of doors this time of year, as you can see, but from the inside there is still plenty growing and being sold!

Thanks for checking in and as you can see I’m figuring out this blog thing a little more. 🙂 I wrote what the pictures were in the last post but apparently it decided to eat that part. The one picture is of the flatness of Kansas, the other is of Denver. There was a really neat stone clock tower that I saw in Denver, but I put the wrong picture on the post, so the one you see looks just like any old dirty old crowded old city. Except Denver is ten times worse because even after we were way out of the city, I looked backwards out of the bus windows and could see this enormous smog cloud that hovered above the entire city and who knows how many miles out over the countryside and how many thousand feet up into the air. Disgusting.

5 thoughts on “My New Stomping Grounds

  1. Neat, Timothy. Thanks for answering my questions. Feeling so special…..

  2. Greenhouse envy. o.O

  3. Never thought I would become a blog reader . . . There’s a short list of people that could get me to do it and you’re one of them. So happy you had a Safe & enjoyable trip AND to hear about the start of your great adventure.
    Take care – God bless,

  4. Neat greenhouses! Wish I had one.

  5. Looks like a neat place!

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