Made it….

Well, I’m figuring out life here in Indiana…made it here after three nights on the Greyhound bus, and the scenery was magnificent!!!

Not as available to Internet here but I’ll try to keep updates somewhat regular, with pictures, once I get everything figured out here. 🙂

My trip was amazing and Indiana and the people here are amazing as well and I feel even more that it was definitely God who led me here, I very much feel at peace about this whole incredible, amazing adventure! Besides, I get to board in a really neat 1800’s house with the old ten foot ceilings and everything. And I get to walk to work, from the house to greenhouses where I can wear a T-shirt because it’s so nice and warm. How amazing is that???

I’ll update more soon about what I’m doing, the pictures below are of my bus trip.IMG_1097[1]IMG_1089[1]

5 thoughts on “Made it….

  1. That image HAS to be Kansas… 😛 Not a single tree in sight!

  2. Image on the left that is. 😉

  3. Is that a picture of Kansas? And what city is that? Excited to hear more and glad that your trip has been so ‘amazing’ so far! 🙂

  4. I am glad that you are having an AMAZING time and hope that you continue to have one!
    Work hard and learn lots!

  5. Have you heard about 3 straight days of warm sunshine in “rainy old Oregon”? Ha! Ditto the questions from workinggirl. Glad you can work in a T-shirt in the warm greenhouses!

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